Hat’s Off To New Glaucoma Clinic

Anjana Taank, owner and optometrist at Taank Optometrists is proud to announce that she will be working alongside Addenbrookes Hospital delivering a Glaucoma Referral Refinement scheme starting this week.

Anjana is thrilled to be taking part in such a scheme creating a strong connection between the practice and fellow colleagues working in the eye department at Addenbrookes Hospital.

This worthwhile scheme allows patients that have been referred to the hospital with suspected glaucoma to have an assessment at Taank Optometrists. We have invested in the very latest technology in glaucoma screening equivalent to that available at Addenbrookes, patients will benefit from a thorough community based examination.

We are also delighted to announce that from September 2013, we are extending the treatment to involve a follow up service. This means that we are able to provide continuity of care for those diagnosed with the condition.

Glaucoma accounts for 10% of UK blindness. It is characterised by gradual loss of sight and optic nerve damage frequently accompanied by elevated eye pressure.

If you have any questions about glaucoma or have a family history and would like to know more, please call Taank Optometrists on 01223 350 071 or e-mail the practice on info@taankoptometrists.co.uk