Contact Lenses

A great alternative to glasses, contact lenses are perfect for sports and special occasions, and are available as daily and monthly disposables lenses. Easy to replace, we can have them delivered straight to your front door so that you can enjoy frame-free life without interruption.

Consultation fees

Contact lens consultation: £150

Your Quick Guide to Contact Lenses

  • Daily Disposables

    Soft lenses that you wear once then throw away. Wear them daily or occasionally for sports of special events.

  • Frequent Replacement Disposables

    Monthly or two-weekly lenses are ideal for frequent wear. Easy to clean and care for, they also come in different colours

  • Toric Lenses

    The best choice if you have astigmatism, Toric lenses are available as daily, monthly and annual replacement lenses

  • Progressive (Multifocal) Lenses

    One of our most popular options, these lenses area great choice if you require distance and near correction and hence achieve a youthful vision when not wearing varifocals spectacles.

  • Gas Permeable Lenses

    Rigid and smaller than soft lenses, these can be worn for longer periods. Designed for daily use, gas permeable lenses are available as six monthly and annual replacements lenses

Six Steps to the Perfect Contact Lenses

We want you to love your new contact lenses, which is why we’ve created a simple process to determine the best lenses for you. If you’ve had an eye test within the last six months, here are six simple steps to contact lens freedom:

  • 1.

    Your initial contact lens consultation will take 30 minutes during which time we’ll measure the curvature of your eyes, check the health of the eye’s surface, and review your prescription.

  • 2.

    We’ll try different lenses to establish the one most suited to your needs. We’ll then insert a trial pair of lenses to establish the best fit and clarity, and help you get a good feel for the lenses.

  • 3.

    You’ll be shown best techniques for effective insertion, removal and cleaning of your new lenses.

  • 4.

    Together we’ll plan a wearing schedule.

  • 5.

    Return for your two-week follow up appointment.

  • 6.

    Book a date for your contact lens check up.

How to apply contact lenses

How to remove contact lenses