Eye Exams

Regular eye exams do more than establish your prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Your eyes are an indicator of your overall health, so an optometrist is often the first person to identify chronic conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure, often before you know they exist. In addition to our ongoing professional training, Taank’s work with the Addenbrooke’s Hospital Glaucoma Clinic allows for continuous learning about new techniques and procedures, which feeds into our overall eyecare approach to ensure you receive the best eyecare possible.

Eye care starts with you, which is why we begin your exam with a review of your current prescription, any changes you may have noticed, your lifestyle, etc. Little things can make a huge difference. During your comprehensive exam we use a carefully selected range of trusted and state of the art equipment to gauge your most accurate prescription. At the end, you’ll have the chance to discuss your glasses  options with your optometrist, taking any specific requirements into consideration to ensure optimum results.

Retinal screening and photography

Retinal screening uses a state of the art retinal camera to take a digital image of the back of your eye. Simple and non-invasive, it quickly diagnoses common eye conditions, including diabetes, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). We recommend retinal photography to all patients. Please note that if you’re an NHS patient, digital retinal photography is available at a supplementary charge.

Additional Services

We offer advanced clinical examinations, including gonioscopy, which is a skilled technique not offered my many optometrists.

  • Humphrey Visual Field Test

    (using a hospital grade analyser)

  • Gonioscopy

  • Pachymetry

  • Goldman applanation tonometry