Precision engineered lenses

Our expertise extends beyond the exam room. Our highly trained team will also advise you on the various lens types that will ensure you enjoy optimal vision and comfort. We take detailed facial measurements and suggest frames that enable the lens technology to work to full effect.

To give you the best vision and comfort available, we recommend the award-winning Impression® lenses by Rodenstock for both single and varifocal needs. Made in Germany, these lightweight lenses are tailored to your precise prescription, using the latest technology to provide exceptional clarity and field of vision.

Impression Range

  • Impression Mono

    Great for any prescription, this lens gives you laser sharp vision right up to the edge of your frames. Lightweight and thin, but highly durable, this lens is a good option for rimless frames.

  • Impression FreeSign

    The innovative design of this progressive lens is tailor-made to meet your varifocal needs. Thin and aesthetically appealing, these lenses give you large, needs-orientated visual zones, performance from morning to night, optimal vision and comfort through better posture and reduced eye fatigue.

  • Impression Ergo

    Top of the Impression range, these are designed specifically for computer use. They ensure fatigue-free vision through careful alignment within your frame to encourage natural posture. It takes four individual parameters into consideration to match your specific needs.

Worlds thinnest plastic lenses

Taank is now the first practice in Cambridge to stock the world’s thinnest, lightest plastic lenses. Made in Japan, these superlight 1.76 index lenses are designed to give you the best cosmetic and optical performance possible and are the perfect option for higher prescriptions. Tokai lenses can also be tinted as sunglasses, and are available in transitions to give you optimal results in bright sunlight.

How to clean your spectacles