Mask fogging up your glasses? Try these optician-approved tips to beat the blur

Tips on beating foggy lenses while wearing a mask, Cambridge.

For glasses wearers, foggy lenses caused by wearing a mask is an increasingly familiar frustration. Now that new rules in Cambridge make masks mandatory in enclosed public spaces—like supermarkets, shops and banks—we could all benefit from a few tips to keep us fog-free and comfortable.

How to stop the fog:

  1. Shape the nose wire: If you wear a wireframe mask, take a minute to shape the wire to ensure it hugs the contours of your nose and cheeks before securing the strap. Adapt a wireless mask by inserting a twist tie or pipe cleaner into the top edge seam or secure it with micropore tape. Alternatively, fold a tissue to form a strip and place it beneath the top edge of your mask before putting it on.
  2. Adjust the loops: If you have a small head, try twisting the loops to ensure a snug fit before pulling them around your ears. 
  3. Invest in good quality anti-fog spray or wipes: A gift from the glasses gods, top quality anti-fog sprays or wipes (we stock ‘No Fog’ lens cleansing wipes) can help to reduce fogging. Also, certain lens coatings cut the time it takes for lenses to clear again. 
  4. Keep your glasses warm: You know how it is when you come into a warm room from the cold—your glasses fog in a flash. In the same way, when you wear a mask, cold lenses will fog up more than warm ones. So, when you don’t have them on, store them in your pocket before you need to pop on your mask. 
  5. Have your glasses professionally fitted: Still struggling with the dreaded fog? Some lenses—varifocals in particular—need to sit in exactly the right place for the best results. Make an appointment, bring your mask (or face shield), and let us adjust your nose pads or arms to fit your personal protective equipment (PPE).


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Watch for more anti-fogging tips from the College of Optometrists:

If in doubt, get in touch

Wearing a mask may feel strange at first but it should never be uncomfortable or impede your vision. If you have any questions or are struggling with foggy lenses, get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.


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