STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Frames, Food, and Fun With Emma Warner

Emma Warner, Taank Optometrists, Staff Spotlight

The voice at the end of the phone and often the first to greet you on arrival, receptionist Emma Warner has been a firm Taank favourite for over ten years. She’s loyal, reliable, and determined—a safe (and very stylish) pair of hands. And boy, does Emma love an award! We tease her that she’s always the first on stage, but we know it’s because she’s incredibly proud of the team and all that we’ve achieved.

What attracted you to Taank?

Having lived in Cambridge since I was four, I’ve been part of the community for a long time. Primarily from a retail background, I’ve worked for some large companies. But what attracted me to Taank was the fact that it’s a small independent practice. It looked like a friendly, fun work environment, which it has been!

What do you love about the role?

I like the fact that it’s so varied and fast-paced. I get a buzz from working in a busy clinic and making sure that everything runs smoothly. I enjoy the fact that I get to experience the whole patient journey—from booking appointments to welcoming patients for their sight tests or to pick up their new spectacles.

What’s changed most during your time with the team?

As a team, we’re constantly learning from each other and improving the way we work. When the Mill Road fire happened in 2019, and the practice was affected, I was thrown into a situation where the workplace I was familiar with was no longer there. I had to adapt quickly to uncertain times. It was tough. Ultimately, it made us closer as a team and made me stronger in my role.

What does a perfect day look like when you’re not at work?

My perfect day starts with a leisurely wake-up and breakfast. I love food, so I use my downtime to experiment with new dishes. I’d meet with friends and family and then finish off with some live music.

Wish list destination and why?

Japan. I’m fascinated by the mix of culture and interesting blend of Eastern traditions and Western modernity. Not to mention the chance to visit the countless street food spots (I love sushi!).

Mantra to live by…

“I’m just a girl standing in front of a salad asking it to be a doughnut.”


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