STYLE: Our favourites from Feb31st’s Winter Collection


Taank’s resident style guru, Leanne, takes her pick of Feb31st’s glorious collection of sustainable wood frames. It’s no small task. Because whether you’re a fan of in-your-face colour or love a neutral, every wood frame has a story. It’s had a life. Weathered the seasons. And there’s an energy that comes from being at once ancient and modern, simple and sensual, that makes them a joy to own and wear.

Taank stylist Leanne’s picks…



Sophisticated yet understated, Pavo in this cool grey-blue looks knockout on fair, peachy skin tones. Loaded with charm—with the round frames channelling more than a hint of Gatsby—the wood grain texture gives these classic frames plenty of ‘movement’ and lift. With a neat two-pin detail, these are perfect for long, slim face shapes, and the keyhole fit bridge is great for wider nose bridges.



MODEL: Copernicus

Dazzle ‘em by contrasting darker skin and hair tones with these chipper canary yellow wood frames. Best avoided by those with yellow skin tones, the strong, angular lines make them a dream for round faces. And the zesty, playful colour is the perfect foil for a masculine shape, making them modern, fun, and unforgettable. When life gives you lemons…


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