Creating a Sustainable Space in Which to Thrive

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Our Mill Road practice, destroyed by a neighbouring fire in 2019, has been buzzing with activity of late. Construction is underway, and we’ve been pouring over mood boards and samples as we finalise interior design plans. From the outset, sustainability has guided our decision making. It may not be the easiest or cheapest option; it was just the right thing to do. But we couldn’t do it without a little help from our friends.

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Working with local architects, WindsorPatania, it quickly became clear that we’d be facing a decision: do only what we had to do or stretch ourselves to make sustainable choices that benefit our clients, community, and the next generation. The fire had, in a way, presented us with an opportunity, so we grabbed it with both hands. After removing the gas, we swapped our existing insulation for an eco-friendly variety, installed energy efficient windows, and added lots of natural ventilation.

Commercial interior designer, Will from Layrd Design, helped us choose sustainable, often natural materials in our decor. It made sense given that so many of our frames use wood and natural horn or are produced using a low carbon footprint. We chose flooring by Tarkett, which is made from recycled materials and can be moved, re-laid or recycled to minimise its environmental impact.

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Supercharging your customer experience

As part of their ongoing training, Anjana and Leanne recently attended a two-day virtual conference featuring ‘customer whisperer’ Kate Hardcastle. It appears that in this digital age, independent businesses are thriving—not least because of the marked shift in demand towards the human touch and ever more personal service. It’s something we wanted to reflect in the design of our new practice. It is the chance to create a bigger, better space that gives you a customer journey that really flows. The practice will now run across three floors, with retail, reception, and Anjana’s consulting room on the ground floor, a quiet private dispensing area, and additional consulting room on the second floor, and an airy staff level on the top floor with a lounge, meeting area and kitchen.

Doing the right thing is important to us and this is our chance to create a happy, healthy environment that you’ll love. We can’t wait to share with you.


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