STAFF SPOTLIGHT: A Day in the Life of Styling Pro Leanne Mearman

Leanne Mearman, Styling, Taank Optometrists, Cambridge

Having worked together for many years, Leanne is an incredibly valuable member of our team. What can we say about this special human being? She displays kindness and care in her work—and for the team—and always puts others ahead of herself. Her skills in choosing the right eyewear are well recognised, and she subsequently has a very loyal following among our clientele. Nothing is too much trouble. She’s an all-around good egg: genuine, kind, super talented, and strong. All she asks is that she has time for coffee, and she’s good to go!

Where are you from and what attracted you to Taank?

I’m originally from Manchester and have been in optics for about 18 years, previously working at a high street optician. I was attracted to Taank for the chance to work with beautiful frames and spend time with patients, helping them on an individual basis rather than just serving the prescription I’m given to work with.

Why is styling so important?

To me, frame fitting and styling makes the biggest difference to how someone feels about their eyewear. The perfect frame fits well and works with various contours of the face. It’s in harmony with your natural colouring and ultimately makes you feel like a million dollars! Throughout the consultation, I’m considering personal style, function, and wellbeing.

How do you stay inspired and passionate about what you do?

That’s easy! Since I was a child, I’ve worn glasses and have my own experience to relate to when dispensing, so I know how important it is to find that perfect result. I enjoy talking with people and care a lot about what I do, and this I hope comes across. When I find a way of improving someone’s attitude towards glasses and helping them look and feel great on a daily basis, it’s personally rewarding. I also love working with shapes and colour so having the opportunity to choose from a wonderful collection of hand-picked frames is a joy in itself.


What does a perfect day look like when you’re not at work?

When I’m not working, a perfect day starts with a bit of a lie-in and then either a nice walk in nature followed by a little light lunch and perhaps a film, or time with friends and family. I also enjoy drawing and visiting places of historical interest. I love relaxation and enjoy peace and quiet. Not as exciting a day as some might think, but all the above make me feel good!

Who would make your Last Supper guest list and why?

David Attenborough because I’d like to know about his life experience with the animal world. Tom Hanks—I love his movies; he’s a great actor! Stevie Nicks because she’s fab and would be a fun party guest. Also, Charlie Brooker because he’s very entertaining and an interesting writer; he’d make us all laugh. Cleopatra because I’d love to know more about her life (and I think she could give me a few skincare tips). And finally, Ryan Reynolds. Why not? It’s my dinner party!

Mantra to live by…

“Treat others as you would like to be treated.”


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