A modern practice with a sense of history

From the beginning, our vision was to create a functional design—a mix of social and private areas—that delivered masses of visual impact. Colours were selected to be calming and convey a friendly warmth, complemented by grained wood, marble countertops, and flashes of polished brass. We were careful to preserve and restore period features, like the fireplace, that reflect the property’s age. After all, an optometry practice has existed on this site for more than a century.

Thoughtful, sustainable design

At the start of the project, we quickly concluded that we needed to stretch ourselves to make sustainable design choices that benefited our clients, community, and the next generation. We removed the gas supply, added eco-friendly insulation, beautiful, sustainable lighting by Tala, energy-efficient windows, and plenty of natural ventilation.

Setting the mood

A visually pleasing space is one thing, but subtle details like lighting and sound create atmosphere and make for a relaxing environment. We hired an acoustician to install a sound system to pipe music throughout the practice and ensure that our consulting rooms are confidential. 

Comfort & safety

During COVID-19, we’ve met the highest recommended regulations to ensure your safety and comfort during eye exams. With this in mind, we designed an adaptable layout that provides plenty of space for social distancing. We also installed a fresh air exchange to improve airflow throughout and used easy-to-disinfect surfaces and antimicrobial fabrics to keep things sparkling clean.

Stronger & better than ever

A fire in a neighbouring property in July 2019 resulted in extensive water damage to our building and eye equipment, forcing us into a temporary pop-up practice. Luckily, no one was hurt. For 18 months, we worked with the best interior designers, architects, construction experts, and craftspeople in Cambridge. Together, we’ve dreamed up a fabulous new space across three floors that we think delivers a whole new eye care experience.

Before and after

Want to see more?

Click the link below for more photos of our refurbishment.  Better still, come and pay us a visit!