COVID-19: What To Expect During Your Next Visit:

  • To maintain social distancing we’re limiting the number of people in the practice. Please arrive on time—not too early—to help us manage the flow of clients effectively and safely.
  • Arrive wearing a face mask and keep it in place throughout your examination (due to the close proximity involved).
  • Relax knowing that the Taank team will wear PPE (only out of necessity would we ever hide their natural good looks).
  • Please use hand sanitiser provided upon arrival and before leaving.
  • Know that all frames will have been sanitised before you try them on and again after you’ve made your selection.
  • The consulting room will be deep cleaned between every examination and will be fully ready for your appointment.
  • To help restrict the number of people in the practice, please come alone unless you need assistance.

If you or someone in your family develops COVID symptoms, including a high temperature, cough, loss of taste, or smell, please contact us immediately and reschedule your appointment.

If you have any questions about our new procedures or any eye health concerns, call us on 01223 350071.


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