Cambridge Mayor supports World Sight Day

Raising awareness about the importance of eye health is top of Cambridge optometrist Anjana Taank’s agenda and she’s even encouraged the Mayor to come on board with her crusade.

Over the past month the Taank Optometrists, based on Mill Road, has embarked upon a campaign to draw the public’s attention to specific medical conditions that can impair vision. Her aim is to encourage the people of Cambridge to have regular eye examinations to help fight against two of the most significant diseases that can affect vision – glaucoma and macular degeneration. Both conditions can lead to loss of sight but through early detection and monitoring, the risk of blindness can be significantly reduced.

Councillor Russ McPherson, the Cambridge Mayor, has been to the practice twice in the past month to support the initiative. “Your eyes are the windows to your world and an eye test provides a snapshot of your health in a non-intrusive way,” said Councillor McPherson after having an eye test at the practice at the start of the month. He returned on Saturday 31 October to announce the winner of the practice’s prize draw, which has helped to raise funds for eyecare charity Vision 2020. As an unexpected gesture, Councillor McPherson personally donated a gift – an invite to join him for afternoon tea at the Guildhall!

The top prize was an elegant necklace donated by Cambridge jewellers, Cellini. Mrs Taank raised a total of £400 in October for the charity, which is a global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness. By donating fees from sight tests on World Sight Day and through the charity raffle, the practice will be able to effectively provide 160 pairs of glasses for those in poorer countries where the provision of medical treatment for eye problems is limited. A single pair of glasses costs just £2.50 under the scheme.

“We’re very pleased the Mayor has supported our efforts on World Sight Day and throughout the month,” said Mrs Taank. “Preventing avoidable blindness is something we take seriously as eyecare professionals and this raises awareness of the importance of regular eye examinations among Cambridge people.”

National Eye Week starts on 9 November and Taank Optometrists will continue to support the campaign.