Gateway From India Project

Gateway from India Project, detail

We’re proud to have supported the fabulous ‘Gateway from India’ project made possible by the Mill Road Traders Association (MRTA) and, in particular, MRTA ambassador Piero D’Angelico. Carved by highly skilled stone masons from Rajasthan, the archway was commissioned and installed by the Indian Community and Culture Association (ICCA) in around 2006. It was loved by the many community groups who used the Old Mill Road library space.

Gateway from India Project, Cambridge

When the ICCA could no longer sustain the lease, the space was returned to the city council, which had no vision for the archway in its plans. Cue the MRTA, which is committed to preserving our local heritage. It bought the archway for £1 (a far cry from its original £750k price tag) and launched the Cambridge ‘Gateway from India’ project to raise funds to relocate it to the public garden at Ditchburn Place along Mill Road. Now, this beautiful archway resides amid the peace and tranquility of the gardens and is illuminated at night for all to enjoy.

We’re proud of the amazing work by Piero, who worked tirelessly to make it all happen, and the Mill Road community, who threw their support behind this project.

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