How To Find Your Sweet Spot With Statement Sunglasses


Oversize, colourful, bold as brass glasses are guaranteed to get you noticed. They’re fun, frivolous, and the perfect antidote to all the negative things happening in the world. But for many of us, a commitment like that can feel daunting. However, statement sunglasses (versus regular glasses) give you an easy way to try this trend on for size without worrying about whether they’ll go with every outfit. It’s a part-time approach that frees you up to be more daring. Here are our top tips for first timers wanting to try statement sunnies and anyone looking to level up their maximalist look.


Yet to experiment with statement glasses but admire them from afar? It’s time to throw caution to the wind, but fear not, it doesn’t mean diving into the deep end with the wackiest shapes and colours you can find (although there’s nothing wrong with that either). Start by focusing on one element: shape or colour. It might be an oversized hexagonal frame in a chic tortoiseshell or an easy-to-wear translucent. How about a pared-back round in chili pepper red? Or slim octagonals with jellybean arms?

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Like a gateway drug, one pair of statement sunglasses tends to lead to another. If you’ve worn an adventurous shape in a neutral shade or elevated a classic with a big, bold hue, you’re ready to graduate to something with even more personality. Consider having fun with both shape and colour! The trick is to take it up a notch without getting theatrical, so try an angular cat-eye in a jewel-like shade or a design that pairs transparent sections alongside bright colours. An unexpected pop of colour or laser cut out on the arm tips, and you’re really starting to make this statement business look easy.

Loud and proud

When it comes to attention-grabbing sunglasses, you need no encouragement–as far as you’re concerned, the louder, the better. This is your time to shine because this season’s shades are taking the trend to new heights with incredible colour contrasts and patterns to satisfy the most intrepid sunglasses wearer. Strong brow lines, high arches, bold hues, metallic accents–anything goes. From solid black to striking blends of colour and print, these sunglasses show off your creative, cerebral side and ensure you’re exactly where you should be: in the spotlight.

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