Kilsgaard: Design in its DNA


Danes excel at design. It’s one of life’s irrefutable truths. Furniture, architecture, fashion, jewellery–they all share the signature sleek lean lines, functionality, and breathtaking elegance. Kilsgaard builds on that legacy with stunning frames that balance form, purpose, and craftsmanship. The result is eyewear that is comfortable, uncompromisingly stylish, and embodies the philosophy that you do more by doing less and doing it right.

Kilsgaard eyewear, model 1412

MODEL: 1412

A classic androgynous panto with serious style credentials thanks to its beautiful white gloss finish. They make an arty statement on men and women looking for an alternative to black frames. The clean curves balance angular features and square jawlines, while the dazzling ivory hue packs quite the punch against darker skin tones.

Kilsgaard eyewear, model 5025

MODEL: 5025

We think you’ll agree–this colour is everything! The deep amber tones of a spectacular sunrise or the most delicious shade of marmalade. They’re the most uplifting frames in more ways than one. Because that soft, feminine shape adds lift to oval faces with defined cheekbones (and who doesn’t want that?). These frames are extremely versatile, but we think they work best on fair skin tones with plenty of warmth.

Kilsgaard eyewear, model 6031

MODEL: 6031

Do you have high cheekbones? Then this classic narrow shape is tailor-made for you. Also great on shorter faces, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these frames; it’s their superpower. These acetates are just effortlessly stylish. Teamed with a glorious matte black finish and these ooze luxury. Plump for this inky black if you have olive skin tones, or try something ‘off-black’, like dark brown or grey, if you have fair skin.

Kilsgaard eyewear, model 4134

MODEL: 4134

We’re suckers for these glossy burgundy acetates. Dress them up for the evening, dress them down for the day–they’re guaranteed to take you anywhere. All at once voluptuous, feminine, powerful, and refined, the rich wine colour looks fantastic on cool skin tones. Again, these frames are easy to wear for most people, but they add instant lift to long and oval faces in particular.

Kilsgaard eyewear, model 9135

MODEL: 9135

This glossy cobalt blue strikes the perfect note for head-turning color without too much volume. Embracing all the angles, this masculine beauty would look amazing paired with a sharp suit. This shape lends itself especially well to faces with soft jawlines. This electric blue is most striking on fair skin with warm undertones and works well to tone down redness.

Kilsgaard eyewear, model 6924

MODEL: 6924

Shout it from the rooftops: we love, love, love the details on this frame! The sweeping movement of colour is both soft and striking, especially against fair skin. If you adore a classic tortoiseshell, try this variant for a refreshing, ever-so-stylish twist on a theme. We love to style the earthy undertones and golden streaks in these frames by picking out the natural highlights in brown and dark blonde hair. The shape looks gorgeous on oval faces.

Kilsgaard eyewear, model 6415

MODEL: 6415

The joy of crystal-style acetates is the kaleidoscope of beautiful hues available. Even a hint of colour is colour, after all, and that changes everything. This frame has a subtle shot of mink, which warms cool skin tones but also compliments olive skin. Believe us when we say that magic happens when mink and brown eyes meet.

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