‘Rodenstock Road’ Lenses Make Driving Safer

Rodenstock Road Driving Lenses

Have you experienced challenges when driving at night? Are you tired of being dazzled by oncoming headlights? If so, you’re not alone. Driving in poor light or bad weather, like heavy rainfall, fog and snow, reduces visibility and significantly increases your chances of an accident. Giving you the tools to stay safe on the road is our number one priority, so we’re excited to report that we’ve found a groundbreaking new driving lens that really (really) works.

German brand Rodenstock, the Mercedes of lens makers, has created the Rodenstock Road lens, designed specifically to combat the challenges you face while driving, particularly at night.

  • Reduced Dazzle and Halo Effect

Glare from sunlight or oncoming and overtaking headlights essentially renders you blind for up to two seconds. That’s all it takes to miss seeing a pedestrian or vehicle. Unlike other driving lenses, Rodenstock Road, with its special ‘Road Clear’ anti-reflection coating, dramatically reduces glare from all headlights (not just LED and Xenon headlights). It also minimises the halo effect from traffic lights, taillights and wet roads.

  • Unrestricted Field of Vision

In addition to reducing glare and providing greater clarity and contrast at night, these driving lenses also provide an unrestricted field of vision for rapid change of focus.

  • Assessing Distance

Many of us have different prescriptions for each eye so when you glance sideways while driving the visual impressions of both eyes aren’t identical. This means your spatial vision is impaired. Rodenstock Road lenses are individually optimized to give you a reliable assessment of distances when parking, manoeuvring or looking sideways.

  • Great Vision, Safe Journey

Simply an enhancement to standard lenses, Rodenstock Road lenses also enhance contrast during the day so they’re perfect for general wear. No need for a second pair of glasses. They’re a simple way to enjoy greater clarity at night with less strain on your eyes, and a dazzle-free, safer driving experience at dusk and in the dark.


Road lenses have benefited many of our clients who suffer with glare and poor peripheral vision. It has allowed them to continue driving with confidence.


“These new Rodenstock Road lenses have already benefited many of our clients who are faced with poor peripheral vision and glare issues. The lenses have enabled them to continue driving with greater confidence.” 

Anjana Taank, Head Optometrist

See For Yourself

Taank is one of the few Cambridge opticians to stock Rodenstock Road K so if you’re worried that your eyesight might be affecting your driving, get in touch and let’s find out if these driving lenses will work for you.

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