Sight for sore eyes

Studies have shown that up to 90% of the British population are unaware of the importance of UV protection and the eyes.

The cornea at the front surface of the eye can burn in the same way as skin and requires protection.

The eye has severe difficulty in repairing cells compared to normal skin cells making it high risk for permanent damage. It is estimated that 20% of cataracts may be caused by over-exposure to UV radiation. A cataract is defined as opacity in the intra-ocular lens causing a decrease in the quality of vision achieved. Protect your eyes for future years with sunglasses.

Recent studies show that UV radiation may also be linked to the progression of Macular Degeneration, an eye disease resulting in central loss of vision and normally prevalent in later years. By protecting your eyes from a younger age, this could be prevented.

Sunglasses help protect your eyes but if ill fitted, can prevent getting the protection that you require. UV rays can leak around frames that are too small or badly fitting. Frames with no wrap around feature also allow UV rays to seep in causing long term damage.

It’s important to invest in a quality pair of sunglasses designed with your health in mind.

Optometry Today May 2012
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