STYLE: Celebrating the Understated Beauty of Horn

Hoffmann style, the beauty of horn frames

Trends come and go, but craftsmanship will always be in fashion. In line with our shift towards sustainable style, German brand Hoffmann uses ethically sourced horn* in neutral shades to let form take centre stage. The result is mesmerizing eyewear with a depth of character that makes every pair a work of art. And die-hard colour fans fear not, horn also takes on dazzling hues to rival any bird of paradise.

Hoffmann, 2260-910, Taank, Cambridge

MODEL: 2260 910

A super stylish panto, the curves of these classic frames are the perfect canvas to show off the movement and versatility of horn. The soft mottled brown texture gives depth and nuance, making them more sophisticated than busier mottled designs. Ever so chic, these artsy frames have more than a touch of beatnik about them and would suit anyone with high eyebrow arches. Round frames are great for bringing balance to long, slim face shapes.


Hoffmann frames, 2271-KH2-H18-H10, Taank, Cambridge

MODEL: 2271 KH2 H18-H10

The colouring here is classic horn with beautiful white and grey flecks adding personality and the exquisite detail associated with this natural material. Every pair is unique. The nose bridge is matte, adding another dimension and depth to the frame. This teardrop take on the round is ideal for people with a slight arch to their brow, and the bridge works beautifully to balance closer set eyes. If you love a neutral look and shy away from big, bold colours, these frames have masses of detail for a distinct, stylish look, making them a great alternative to plain styles.


Hoffmann frames, 2275-910, Taank, Cambridge

MODEL: 2275 910

If you know us, you know we love a round–especially one as beautifully proportioned and restrained as this. They perfectly balance long faces and effortlessly soften angular jawlines. A thicker-than-normal ‘lug’ (the top out part of the frame that connects the arm) adds a touch of drama while the delicate chestnut hue lends warmth to cooler skin tones. Thank you to the genius designers at Hoffmann who’ve created a classic shape that suits all genders.


Hoffmann frames, 2266-9072, Taank, Cambridge

MODEL: 2266 9072

Feast your eyes on this delicious colour! Somewhere between honey and marmalade and toffee–whatever it reminds you of, it’s good enough to eat. Subtle flecks and wispy lines keep things fluid, so the frames never appear blocky. Are you blessed with high cheekbones? Then these are the frames for you. The gentle tapering on the outer edges and the way they sit at the perfect point to emphasize those zygomatic bones provides ‘lift’ for a more youthful appearance. Seriously, we can’t stop staring at them. Why do we feel so hungry?


Hoffmann frames, 2263OZ-H16, Taank, Cambridge

MODEL: 2263 H16

Make a statement with these bold cut frames with plenty of drama. Hoffmann has bulked up a classic unapologetically masculine shape and works well on slim faces with straight brows. Great for anyone, but especially those with grey or light-coloured eyes, this charcoal shade is so much more forgiving than black. But when the bold flecks in the horn compliment those in the iris, it’s total dynamite. Talk about pop! We’re also rather taken with the quirky bridge detail, which gives these frames added personality.


Hoffmann frames, 2242 1089, Taank, Cambridge

MODEL: 2242 1089

We told you horn has a playful side! We’d like to see an acetate frame beat this beauty for saturation and depth of colour. And everyone knows that candy apple red looks knockout on fair skin tones–it’s a combination that’s impossible to ignore. And this classic shape flatters angular jawlines and strong brows. True showstoppers, these frames are for anyone wishing to add vibrance to their look. Sirens, take note: heads will turn, people will talk.

*Horn frames are unsuitable for vegans, so please ask to see our collection of sustainable, vegan-friendly options.


Want to know more about buying ethically-sourced, sustainable frames? Read our Quick Guide to Eco-friendly Eyewear.

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